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The author has 5 completed novels in his BC series and is working on his 6th installment.

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December 2017!

The Haida Gwaii Detour 

Future Titles to watch for:

  • And Back Again (2017) sequel to DETOURED
  • We Took Space Blankets (2017)

               -- a comical look at mountaineering in BC

  • The LA Project (2017) a thriller series
  • Per Diem -- sequel to THE PONY CLUB
  • The Silver Gloves

​The Hottest Place on Earth

As West Coast as it gets!

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Alfred Cool


Flying into the camp on Great Bear Lake, my first impressions were as pure as the untracked, glistening Arctic snow. “This was freedom … Below us were thousands of square miles of soul-testing isolation and enduring winter. Despite heroic efforts and truly epic sacrifice, Canadians did not conquer this land, they outlasted it … I felt my excited sense of adventure grow in the immensity of this wilderness. I had turned to a clean page of experience. In this land of indistinct borders bereft of authority, all things were possible.” --Excerpt from The Hottest Place on Earth

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